Support the Comics

Two years ago, I started Work Chronicles. It was the pandemic and I had some free time from not commuting. I posted a comic on Reddit and haven’t looked back since. I have created over 200 comics – all of them with a lot of love, coffee, and effort. The comics are available on 8 platforms – Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook, Newsletter, The Work Chronicles Website & RSS. It’s incredible to see how far Work Chronicles has come. And my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for having supported the comics.

Work Chronicles is a one-person operation and is self-funded by me. Now, I have created a Patreon with the idea that even if a small percentage of the total reader base subscribes, I can focus on making the comics without worrying about funding them. I can continue to keep the website ad-free, without a paywall, sponsors, and other time-consuming revenue-generating activities.

The Patreon is around a dollar a month. There are no official rewards for Patrons. But you will be part of the inner circle. You’ll get important updates before others, I might host AMAs, or I might post notes from my journal on creating a webcomic series. I’m yet to figure out how to do this so that it doesn’t put too much pressure on me but it’s still meaningful for you. My focus will always remain to create comics because that’s the main reason you have joined this Patreon – to keep the comics going.

Some of you are against the idea of a monthly subscription (which I understand). If you’d like to make a one-time contribution, you can do so at

It’s alright if you are unable to join the Patreon right now for whatever reason. I understand everyone has a different financial situation. Please continue to support me by liking and sharing my comics on social media.

Anyway, thanks for reading so far. I’m grateful to all of you for reading & supporting my comics.

Join the Patreon at this link